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2014 office furniture electric business opportunities and challenges

   Furniture industry in the future is set to obtain new patterns through innovation, household electricity there is a huge opportunity in the future.But there is also a huge challenge, take the "double 11" household electricity last year a high refund rate, reflecting the household electricity in the model, experience, distribution and after-sales, profit distribution, etc. There are many bottlenecks, must study for household electric business operation plan, and also many businessmen are trying to seek a balance.
   The personage inside course of study says, furniture mostly belongs to the big-ticket items, need professional logistics transportation, freight cost is higher, and furniture easily damaged during the transit, even furniture can be delivered in good condition, may also be involved in handling upstairs, installation, and small and medium-sized sellers are difficult to solve these problems, if these problems are resolved furniture electrical business will develop rapidly.

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