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Furniture market trend analysis

   The development of Chinese furniture industry developed after the reform and opening to the outside world, the fastest is nearly 20 years, so the development of China's furniture industry as a whole is still a very young industry.And the young industry, has let China become the world's superpower furniture production, China's GDP accounted for a quarter of the world, export is the world's first, exports of $38.8 billion, an increase of 15.16%.Last year, while the industry output value reached 1 trillion yuan last year, the furniture industry of the whole body growth is 25%, result is outstanding.
   When the market prosperous effort, is to continue to maintain a historical heritage, or strain is put forward strategies for change?Throughout the house under the big proposition of float subsequently, 2012 became strikingly important node.Now, 2012 years has passed after one and a half, in this half year, home float subsequently face harsh environment is not timid do nothing, but there are quite a few enterprises seize the pulse of change, innovation, vigorously, dig the consumer demand, create the market.home As an important branch of home float subsequently, under this "troubled times" are doing furniture industry transformation?How is the effect?In the first half of the furniture industry is full of fascinating, or helpless?

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